Dr. Arun Panda

Navi Mumbai
Bodyskulpt Aesthetics
Facial Plastic Surgeon

What exactly do you specialise in?

I am a head and neck surgeon and my area of expertise is facial plastic surgery.

What does a facial plastic surgeon do?

I work on finer aspects of an individual's face and I determine what would suit their personality. Me and my team work towards improving and enhancing the facial appearance.

You have groomed many beauty pageant contestants?

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of many beauty pageants and had an opportunity to groom them. As a facial surgeon, I had a lot to share and help many contestants enhance their personalities.


You are associated with Niche Academy and what will you be advising the aspiring models there?

I have just one advice to give and that is believe in God and focus on your path and trust you will achieve your goals.