Dr. Neha Sachde

Owner of Metamorphosis Clinic
Cosmetic Dermatologist

Where can one visit your clinic?

We are based at multiple locations across Delhi and Mumbai. Our main focus is to provide treatment to each of our patient's requirements . My team of doctors' expertise lies in skin, hair, laser and weight loss treatments . These treatments have made 'Metamorphosis' the only clinic in India to provide head to toe transformation thus leaving a person metamorphosed.

Tell us about your brand.

We take pride in our brand which stands beyond comparison and is best in the market. Recently, I was awarded as one of the young women entrepreneurs to have a successful chain of seven clinics in Mumbai and two clinics in Delhi. I am also the director of 'Sachde Food and Beverages Private Limited'.


Tell us more about about your other venture.

Sachde Food and Beverages Private Limited own a chain of cafes in Maharashtra called 'Love & Latte'. We have multiple cafes in Mumbai and Pune. Our plans are to expand all over the globe. Love & Latte is a daily spot for coffee lovers to sit and chit chat with their friends.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Niche Academy?

Let me introduce, our team of specialised doctors who will ensure only the best knowledge to each student at the academy. Dr Monica Gogia is our Senior Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr Ankeeta Jaiswal is a Dental Hygiene specialist, Dr Rupali Tari is Hair Care Specialist, Dr Shital Korde is Skin Care Specialist, Dr Meenakshi Bharti is Diet & Weight Management Expert.