Kavya Bandodkar

Navi Mumbai
Bachelors in fashion design from NIFT
Masters in fashion styling, film and photography from Istituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy
Fashion Stylist

You always wanted to become a stylist?

As a child, I owned a lot of barbie dolls just like other girls of my age. The thing that differentiated me from the others was the fact that I absolutely adored dressing my dolls, styling their clothes and constructing new ones for them.Today, I still love styling and designing clothes, but now on people. Over the years, my urge of creating resulted in me becoming a fashion stylist.

When did you decide to go to Italy?

Soon after I graduated and received my bachelors in design, I started working for a friend who was a designer and simultaneously started researching institutes and within 8 months of graduation, I flew to Milan to pursue my masters in styling.


Have you worked with any brand?

In Milan, I had worked for Lakilem an Italian fashion brand focused on luxury segment .I also worked for a brand called 'Freddy', a fitness and dance wear brand. I had an opportunity to work for Juarez Camacho, a high end leather goods company and I managed backstage during 'Milan Fashion Week' for various brands like Elena Savo, Aigner and many others. Recently, I started 'Haute Mess' a personal shopper and style consultant service which aims to revamp my clients style and bring out the best version of them through styling.

What styling advice would you give?

Always balance proportions. Avoid anything too oversize or you'll look bigger. Remember to wear trends in an age-appropriate way and always remember the right bra makes you look slimmer. The most important advice i never miss giving out is develop your own signature style and it's not necessary to match everything in your outfit

You are associated with Niche Academy and what is it that you will be teaching?

I will be teaching styling at Niche Academy. I will guide students to understand their body type and advice them how to dress accordingly to accentuate their figure in the best possible way.