Renuka Vilampil

Born in Kerala
Yoga Instructor
Advaya Practicing Pure Yoga, Kharghar (Navi Mumbai)

When did you embrace Yoga in your life?

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a little kid.

Is it true that Yoga heals?

In 2005, I had moved to Hong Kong and was a working mother . I had put on some weight and decided to hit the gym and injured my knee. The pain was immense and the doctor visits didn't really help. I was advised to undergo a surgery but even after that, there was no guarantee that the pain would go away. I was told that when I would turn 44 yrs of age, I would probably be on a wheel chair . During those painful and daunting times, I decided to embrace Yoga again. I could see the difference right away and I gradually managed to heal my knee.

Yoga is a way of life?

Yoga helps transform you not just physically but mentally as well. Through Yoga therapy I helped heal people with illness. Many across the globe have adapted the practice of Yoga daily and it's become a part of their daily routine.

When did you start your yoga centre?

Before, I decided to start my yoga centre I was already on a roll training working mothers , corporates and even kids . In 2018, when I finally returned home, I started Advaya Practicing Pure Yoga centre.


You are a part of Niche Academy and what is it that you will be teaching?

Yoga helps to reduce stress and most of the health issues are connected to stress. Yoga is much needed in today's time and age especially for the people who hail from the entertainment or fashion industry . I will be teaching yoga not just for physical benefit but also for mental strength.