Sonal Garodia

Fashion Designer
Label: Kiaan
'The Whiter Shades of Love' at Bombay Times Fashion Week

What according to you is fashion?

Fashion is a way of self expression.

Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

My interest in fashion derives from a very strong technical knowledge about how cloths are made, how they should fit and fall on human body. The detailing in every stitch and the quality of the product is important. And this combination of creativity with science is what encouraged me to take fashion as a career option.

What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

An innate sense of creativity is extremely important in the fashion world. Together, artistry and imagination can give you the instincts necessary to turn raw materials into a beautiful finished product. Understanding texture, color, material, fit and fall is equally important. Be updated about current trends and forecast. A good business sense with marketing skill will surely help a designer be successful.


You have been a designer who showcased at premium runways like Bombay Times Fashion Week, what advice will you give to aspiring designers and models.

Confidence is the key. If you have ambitions to make it big, work hard each day towards your goal and keep updating your skill sets from time to time. When the times comes don't be afraid to take a leap of faith.

You are a part of Niche Academy. What all skills will you be teaching?

At Niche Academy we are going to be grooming aspiring models in all aspects of the fashion industry. My focus is going to be able to train them to understand what a designer expects from models on runway or on shoots. What part can the models play to enhance the look of the collection being presented by designers. How can they develop their own edge yet blend seamlessly with the clothes. And most importantly how to stand out during model selection.