Spinal Fusion

Profound Records

How did it start?

In 2008, I met with a car accident in Kolkata, where I was residing. After the accident, I shifted to Delhi for the rehabilitation process to treat my spinal injury. I was not in the music scene then, I was into sports and was playing cricket when the accident happened. At the rehabilitation center, I had my laptop and a small set of speakers. During that time I started listening to electronic music and got introduced to trance music after which I began following this genre. I started producing small loops and samples and got deeper into exploring psychedelic trance. Once I finished my rehabilitation, I came back to Mumbai. Later in 2008, I released my first EP and that's where the journey from Bilas to Spinal Fusion started. Please click here to listen to the entire interview. .


Interview Edit: Gama Goblin

Mix & Mastering: Dee