Surabhi Rao

Navi Mumbai
Super Model
Grooming Expert

When did you start Modeling?

In the year 2010.

How was your journey as a model?

Modelling, especially walking the ramp or seeing your photos come out in fashion magazines- it gives you a high that no other job could match. It is fun because you get to travel, see places, meet new people, explore your creative side and in the end you emerge stronger. Of course you do make a lot of money!

You have walked the runway for top designers- both Indian and international. Please share your experience?

Designers are very particular about what they want from the models regarding their garments. Some times we stood for 6 hours in our garments before the show begun because we were asked not to sit in them , in order to avoid creases. But what beautiful clothes you get to wear. You have the best professional experts to work on your hair and make up. You look nothing less than a movie star.

You are also a grooming expert, did you have to undergo special training to get certified?

Training and education is a constant process. You have to keep evolving even if you're a trainer. Experience alone cannot bring a lot to the table, discipline and structure is also required. Certifications definitely help. I personally have gotten awarded a certificate for Business social etiquette, English diction and fine dining from Princeton academy.

You are a part of Niche Academy please do share what subjects you will be training your students?

Niche entertainments gave me my first modeling break and I walked with top models for the launch of Audi Q7 . I did few other shows with them and my mentor Nisha Haraale helped guide me. I am happy to be part of the academy and share my experience and knowledge with other aspiring models, corporate, kids and homemakers. My part of the teaching will include- Rampwalk training, poise and posture correction, English communication, public speaking, dining etiquette and dressing according to body type.


You are a mother to a baby girl, how do you manage your personal and professional life?

If we think life is difficult, it will turn out to be difficult. Only we can plan and manage our time to make our life easy. Time management is an important skill. It is not always easy to juggle motherhood with my dreams but taking baby steps towards your goal is the trick. You have to start somewhere.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

Being famous on instagram is NOT hardwork. Influencing is NOT a real job. If you want to be true fashion icons, it's a little bit of luck and a LOT of hardwork.